Marc Nilsson

Game Programmer

Welcome to my portfolio! Below you will find a selection of my latest works, with a short description about the games and my main contributions to them. For more information about me and my skills, and to download my resume, please see the About page.

AI Ticket System Prototype

Ticket system and decision making showcased in a turn based AI game. Written in C++ and made with Unreal Engine 4.

In this project I wanted to make an AI that would cooperate with its team mates to achieve a common goal, all while fighting an enemy team. To achieve this, the AI uses either greedy decision making or the ticket system to generate a heat map based on which actions it seems best to execute.

Stilla Natt

Stilla Natt is a horror game set in a Swedish monastery. Made with our own 3D-engine. Written in C++.

  • Finite State Machine

  • Advanced AI system with FSM

  • Inspect System

Spite: Seeds of Corruption

A classic Hack n' Slash game. First game made in own 3D engine built from scratch (with team). Engine and game written in C++, export scripts written in C#.

  • AI programming, including AI swarm/wrap around behavior, and attack/ability behavior.

  • Wrote a custom made Entity Component System in C++

  • Player and AI controller, including movement, attack, and ability usage.

  • Unity to engine export system for components and prefabs written in C#.


A 2D platformer taking you on a journey through the seven stages of grief. Written in C++.

  • Player movement, including air jump, directional dash, wall jumps, and wall clinging.

  • Tile based collision system.

  • JSON level importer, loading from exported files from Tiled Map Editor. Including fully customizable falling/rising platforms.

  • Lockless multithreaded rendering.

  • Smooth camera movement depending on velocity.

  • Checkpoint system.

  • Pickup objects.

  • XBOX controller support.

Void Sea

A side scrolling shoot 'em up set in a Lovecraftian subnautic setting.

  • AI shooting behavior, with speed accounting aiming behavior.

  • Boss AI system with multiple phases and abilities.

  • Spline based movement system for enemies.

  • Multi-threaded level and sprite loading.

  • Camera manager for different phases in the game.

  • Multi-layered parallax environment.

Way of the Wagon

Collect and deliver food in this physics based game made with Unity in C#. First project made in Unity.

  • Wagon physics with world interaction.

  • Player movement controller.

  • Destructible environment.

  • Character animations blending with wagon physics.

  • Animated UI with level select and progression.

  • Particle effects.

Fire Escape

Mobile puzzle game made with Unity in C#.

  • Swipe based movement system for puzzle interaction.

  • Level and progression loading/saving system.

  • A* path finding to check shortest route from start to finish.

  • UI system with level select, game settings, and level progress.


Top down 2D adventure game, inspired by Zelda: A Link to the Past

  • Player interactions, including pushing, picking up, and breaking objects.

  • Tile based collision system for environment.

  • Circle based collision system for dynamic objects.

  • Actor attack system.

  • Actor movement system.

  • Object culling.

  • Multi-threaded rendering.

  • Trigger boxes.

  • Camera manager.

  • Level loading through JSON documents.


First mobile game I made. Based on Swedish internet culture. Everything made by myself, excluding wall and ground textures. Released on Android via Google Play.

  • Procedurally generated level.

  • Number one in "Top charts" on Google Play for two weeks.

  • Fully integrated with Google Leaderboards.

NDA VR-project

A VR project I made in Unreal Engine for Ericsson Research. Since this project is under NDA I can't give away too much.

  • Built to simulate network lag and packet loss.

  • Custom C++ code for writing to and reading from log files.

  • Multiple client support with dedicated server.